A Review Of Madison Street Capital’s Accomplishments

Over the years, Madison Street Capital has been offering world-class professional financial advice to businesses and individuals. The Chicago-based company enables organizations to access credit, navigate complex transactions, and make smart investment decisions. Additionally, Madison Street Capital offers company with valuation services and advisory on mergers and acquisition.


In early 2014, the company announced that it had offered advisory services to Vital Care Industries, an Illinois- based company. It facilitated the manufacturer of medical product to choose a suitable lender and secure a commercial loan. Vital Care’s CEO noted that he was exceptionally pleased with the company’s services. His firm has offered sterile medical products since 1984.


In 2015, Anthony Marsala, the co-founder of Madison Street Capital was selected by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts for a 40 Under Forty award. The program recognizes business leaders that are relatively young that have had remarkable accomplishments in valuations, mergers and provision of different financial services. Marsala is the chief operating officer of Madison Street Capital. He holds a master’s degree. He has rendered his services in the industry for over 14 years.


Madison Street Capital was announced as an M&A Advisor Awards finalist by finance professionals during the summer of 2016. Firms receive the revered commendations when they develop innovative financing, acquisition, and restructuring deals. Professionals nominated Madison Street Capital as the premier boutique investment banking company. Additionally, they selected the firm as a finalist for facilitating the best industrial merger, which was valued at under $100 million.


In January 2017, Madison Street Capital was named the winner of a Turnaround Award. This is after the company engaged in the finest restructuring transaction of 2016 with a value of less than $25 million. Madison Street Capital had to compete with over 300 companies to qualify for the annual award. Moreover, the firm received high praise from The M&A Advisor’s president. The management of the firm received the prize in March at a Palm Beach hotel.


The above accomplishments have played a pivotal role in enhancing Madison Street Capital reputation. Madison Street Capital continues its tradition of offering corporations with exceptional solutions. Since the start of 2017, firms like DCG Software have benefited from its advisory services. The company has also served as ARES Security Corporation’s sole advisor in an investment transaction. In addition, Madison Street Capital arranged Maintenance Systems Management’s financing.


About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a privately held firm that has been in operation for more than 12 years. The company has extensive experience in the financial industry where it offers innovative services like mergers & acquisitions, and valuations. Madison Street Capital engages in philanthropic efforts through collaborations with different organizations such as the United Way. The entity donated funds to the Midwestern and Eastern states following several disasters in 2011.


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