Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall-There is something for everyone.

The dream of every entrepreneur is to have a successful business. However, planning and coming up with a strategy that leads to positive results is not easy. Not many people live to see their dream. Roberto Santiago of the Manaira Mall has been among the businessman who has made their dream come true.

Roberto Santiago’s Background

Roberto Santiago was born in July 1958.He schooled in Pio X-Marist College. To learn the Fundamentals of running a business, he enrolled at the University Center of Joao Pessoa .He acquired a degree in Business Administration.

Roberto Santiago started off with a Cartonnage Company. Today he owns the largest shopping mall in Brazil.

The Main Objective of the Manaira Shopping Mall

The dream of the Manaira Mall began when he was young. Having grown in Joao Pessoa, he wanted to offer something to his people. One of his main concerns was that his people had to travel long distances in search of entertainment and leisure. Santiago, therefore, wanted to ensure that the residents had access to all the luxury facilities they needed.

The Maniara Mall is committed to creating a solid relationship with the customers. The priority of the mall is serving the customer and ensuring their satisfied.

Services Offered at the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall

The Manaira Mall, being the largest mall in Brazil, has very many services. The Mall has over 280 premises. This signifies the vast services under the roof. The residents, love to describe the mall as a small city. This is because one can survive the Manaira life and have all the requirements of being.

The mall has boutiques, jewelry stores, banks, medical health care centers, colleges and all other social amenities. This means that you can shop everything in Manaira Mall.

Manaira Mall has also proved to be a place for everyone. There is something for everyone. Many families have officially made the mall their center of creating memories. This is because the mall has a lot of activities that a family can engage in during a family fun day. Their numerous gadgets for kids and many games as well.

The Manaira Mall has made it a habit to keep updating their menu. This is to ensure that everyone gets what they are interested in having. They offer a variety of foods ranging from traditional dishes to modern dishes. Many families bond as they try different recipes.

Entertainment Sector

You cannot talk about the Manaira Mall and not talk about entertainment. This is because there is no better place to watch a movie in 3D than the Manaira Mall.

They have the Domus Mall that has an outstanding sound system and lighting system. It gives you a chance to live in the scene.