Stream Energy Could Be The Answer To Global Warming

Drastic climatic changes are causing high temperatures, which are already having severe and costly effects on our community, health, and the entire planet. Seas are rising, leading to increased coastal flooding. Wildfires have increased, and it’s becoming more and more difficult to stop them. Our health is at risk, and things could get worse in the future. But that does not mean that humankind is sitting back waiting for global warming to dictate our fate. No! Governments are introducing new rules and regulations that are helping deal with the ever-rising temperature. Organizations are also coming up with new products that promise to reduce the harmful impact global warming.


In Texas, for instance, organizations are increasingly embracing new strategies that are helping them addressing customer’s climate change concerns. Among them is Stream Energy, a company that prides itself as the world’s leading and the largest provider of direct energy. The company supplies energy and other related life service products in Texas and other states across the United States. Since its inception in 2005, the energy company has engaged countless green energy programs aimed at solving the global warming dilemma while giving clients a wide range of options to meet their current and future energy needs.


Stream Energy, which has its headquarters in the Tollway building, Dallas, leads the park of those offering customers a plan for buying energy from renewable sources (Renewable Energy World). They unveiled their latest plan in 2016. The smart 30 Watersaver Green & Clean plan allows its customers to purchase 100% clean energy instead of the common dirty and less effective fossil fuels. In an attempt to control water wastage and promote water conversation, the energy company came up with intelligent sprinkler controllers, which are designed to help its customers control water usage.


Stream Energy also has a charitable program that is aimed at helping those affected by global warming ( The charitable arm helped victims during Hurricanes Harvey and Irma through donations and waiving of fees to their affected customers. Stream Energy is not just revolutionizing how we deal with global warming but also influencing the business world through their unique and surprisingly effective business model, which depends primarily on word-of-mouth. The unique business model has helped transform Stream Energy from a scrawny firm into an indomitable force in the energy sector.

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Jorge Moll’s Contribution to Healthcare Improvement

Jorge Moll is a renowned Brazilian businessman and a cardiologist. He is one of the founders of the most extensive private hospital group in Brazil called D’Or. He is the president of D’Or institute of research and education. Jorge was the first neuroscientist worldwide to conclude on the relationship between health and volunteering. In a study conducted in the year 2015, twenty-eight percent of the Brazilian population are involved in voluntary work (Diasdacruz). Among those who performed voluntary work, many of them are young school going individuals who have limited resources. Most of the voluntary work is done during Christmas day to catalyze the spirit of solidarity.


He founded the network and lead of 32 private hospitals countrywide because of the worsening of the state of public hospitals in Brazil. He connects the further deterioration of the state’s hospital to SUS ( SUS caused unification of everything and abolished identification of hospitals that existed. In the end, the hospital lacked diagnoses and service excellence. The poor condition of hospitals necessitated him to start a network of private hospitals in Rio De Janeiro. The first institutions built under his system are Copa D’Or, Barra D’Or, and Quinta D’Or.


In the beginning, Moll experienced difficulties in establishing this network as a result of debts, but he was not discouraged. He introduced total health management model which is an alternative to verticalization. This model leads to the provision of healthcare without wastage and at a low cost. His future ambitions are to help healthcare providers who utilize health management model in their quest to provide quality healthcare. This has brought knowledge and encouraged people to look for the best health care services. The primary objective for the establishment of his renowned hospital network is to help the operators have a better understanding and know patients treatment and pathway in the hospital starting from the clinics to highly complex hospitals.


Jorge Moll is passionate about offering patient technical and quality services to keep them loyal. To see that this happens, his model will utilize medical auditors from hospitals without paralyzing medicinal quality of the institution, utilization of experts for high complexity, high cost managed protocol and use of DMI. The model will have total control over patients as they enter the outpatient clinic, to the emergency room, clinical and surgical hospitalization. Jorge Moll is out to ensure that all hospitals are accredited and offer quality medical services to clients.

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