Jeremy Goldstein Settles the Debate on EPS

Over the last decade, attorney at law, Jeremy Goldstein has been privy to some of the premier corporate transactions to take place, and over that time period, he has developed an expert opinion regarding executive compensation. Jeremy L. Goldstein recently spoke on Earnings per Share, and the controversial debate occurring within the industry. The debate on Earnings per Share has become such a polarizing issue due to the fact that, while there are a number of positives that result from its implementation, its effect on the value of stocks can result in unethical practices by executives and CEOs. Shareholders are often prompted to buy or sell a stock based on Earnings per Share, and this incentive program is also a major reason for increased rates of pay for employees. Companies that utilize Earnings per Share programs are generally more successful than those that do not, but many detractors argue that this only influences a company’s growth on a short-term basis. These detractors also emphasize the fact that companies have often used these incentive programs to create an advantage that teeters on the edge of being illegal in nature, and in some cases, crosses that threshold. Executives and CEOs that are willing to utilize unethical methods, will often take advantage of the processes involved in Earnings per Share programs in order to drive up the price of their stocks. While those on each side of the debate must acknowledge the positives of Earnings per Share for both the company and its employees, according to Jeremy Goldstein, finding a compromise that includes holding unethical CEOs responsible, while ensuring that the long-term goals of the company are congruent with the pay per performance is the best solution to the problem.


Jeremy Goldstein is the founder of the specialty firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC, based in New York City. Prior to creating this firm, he worked with a large firm, developing the credentials that have garnered him such acclaim within his field. He has been mentioned as one of the top executive compensation lawyers by a number of well-renowned directories, including Chambers USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers for Business. Mr. Goldstein regularly speaks on matters regarding corporate governance and has authored a multitude of articles regarding this branch of law. After graduating from Cornell University, Jeremy Goldstein gained his Juris Doctorate Degree from New York University School of Law.


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Matthew Autterson: The Excellence That Groomed One Of The Biggest Chartered Institutions

Matthew Autterson is a much-discussed name in the financial sector of the United States with a lot of respect and enthusiasm. He groomed one of the largest state-run chartered financial organizations in the country. His more than 25 years of financial service industry expertise is not just limited to this but includes many philanthropic initiatives as well. While coming to the career of Autterson, he started with First Trust Corporation, one of the subsidiaries of Fiserv. In 1982, he decided to leave the company to join a small team for helping them to set up a chartered trust company in the Colorado State. Interestingly, it launched as a subsidiary of the renowned Integrated Resources, Inc., an NYC-based financial servicing firm.



By 1986, Matthew Autterson was elevated as the President of the chartered arm, Resources Trust Company, and after three years, the owning company of the firm, Integrated Resources, Inc., was purchased by Broad Inc. Later, the firm rebranded as SunAmerica, Inc. In 1998, SunAmerica got acquired by the renowned AIG for a whopping amount of $18 billion. Three years later, Fiserv bought Resources Trust Company from AIG, and by that time, the firm Resources Trust became one of the biggest state-controlled depository firms in the U.S., which is also FDIC-insured.



Under the leadership of Autterson, the firm offered custodial as well as depository services to over 200,000 clients. Similarly, it created a large pool of over 15,000 independent and registered financial advisors. Currently, the firm holds over $20 billion in the form of custodial assets and deposit reserves of more than $1.0 billion. Resources Trust Company also employs more than 700 people. Apart from leading the depository firm, Autterson is also included in the boards of many nonprofit and for-profit institutions. He is serving on the boards of Falci Adaptive Biosystems, a nonprofit institution working to help people who are struggling with neuromotor disabilities and make them interact better with their surroundings.



Interestingly, FAB is also representing the philanthropic thoughts of Matthew Autterson as he is dedicated himself to change the fate of the struggling sections of the community. He is also serving on the boards of the Webb-Waring Foundation and Denver Zoological Foundation. Autterson is the Director Board Chairman of a leading palliative and hospice care center in the region, Denver Hospice. Currently, he is also serving as the CEO and President of CNS Bioscience, Inc., a drug development firm working on solutions for neuropathic pain. The company with a number of drugs in the clinical-stage of development was established in the year 2013.


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Obsidian Energy: The Solution For Oil & Gas Production

The importance of oil and gas is unquestionable, especially in today’s society. The two powerful substances can be found all over the globe and in high abundance. Western Canada is no exception as it is one of the most fertile regions for oil and gas production. On the other hand, there is one company that has been outperforming the competition on a consistent basis. Have you ever heard of Obsidian Energy? If you haven’t heard, then just know that this is one of the most successful oil and gas companies in North America.


Obsidian Energy is definitely worth its weight in gold. The company has a well-balanced portfolio, it creates bottom-line results, and it has high-quality assets to sustain its growth. Obsidian has a well-established background, and it has been in business for close to 40 years. The amount of experience and expertise is being put on full-display for the world to see. President and CEO David L. French has been on a mission to keep this company at the top of the ranks. As of 2017, the company has downsized from 2,000 staff members to 1,000 staff members. This decrease has come in the wake of 2014’s lower crude oil prices. Obsidian Energy and other similar companies has felt the pinch, but this company has remained active under this pressure. To reduce some of its debt, Obsidian Energy has gone through a restructuring process. See This Article for additional information


As of today, the future is looking brighter thanks to its discipline and accountability. Many of the wells are producing more bbl equivalent, and its capital program for 2018 looks to become even more efficient. Can Obsidian Energy get back to the top position? By listening to the company’s latest press release, Obsidian Energy is definitely back on track to become a huge success.

The company was at the apex of its success and was even among the sixty most prominent firms in the Toronto stock Exchange and was also a Canadian Royalty Trust (CANROY).


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Joel Friant Shakes Up The Habanero Pepper Scene

Joel Friant is a self-made man who has partaken in many ventures and found success everywhere he’s gone. He started in real estate but quickly moved into the restaurant business where he hit his stride in Thai Food. Calling himself “The Thai Guy,” Friant first started his Habanero Shaker project while working with food.

After being introduced to the flavorful pepper when he was in high school, Friant got the idea to use the pepper in a shaker. As Friant soon found out, while there were shakers that had habanero in them, none of these shakers were exclusively habanero. Instead, the habanero flakes were mixed in with salt or other, lesser spices. These mix-ins obscured the unique flavor of the habanero and, Friant felt, didn’t do the pepper justice. The solution was simple: Friant decided to design his own habanero shaker that would spotlight his favorite pepper. Dubbed “The Habanero Shaker” he started selling the product to other pepper lovers.

From there, Friant moved on to a few other ventures, most notably house flipping and mortgage lending. Once the financial crisis of 2008 and the Great Recession hit, Friant moved on from the realtor-ing business. He focused on trying to figure out why certain people fail when they attempt business endeavors and why others achieved. Drawing from his own experiences both good and bad, he came up with the concept called “The Income Thermostat” to explain. His concept has become widely known, and he frequently does talks about it.

Taking what he had learned over the years, Friant decided to continue with the Habanero Shaker on a new front: online selling. By putting his mind to success and taking classes on how to become a successful online salesperson, Friant managed to sell his Habanero Shaker on both Amazon and eBay, as well as other products.

AvaTrade Review: Top Reasons Why Traders Love the Company

AvaTrade is one of the top forex brokers in the world that has its base in Dublin, Ireland. The company is part of the Ava Group and was started in 2006. In a short period, the company has grown globally and has its offices in major cities like Shanghai, Milan, Sydney, Paris, and Tokyo. The company has managed to become one of the most popular and trustworthy names in the forex industry. The company offers trading options in different product lines such as Bonds, FX Options, CFDs, ETFs, Commodities, Bitcoins and more. The company does not just provide a trading platform but also educational materials so that their customers can make an informed decision and increase their earnings.

AvaTrade offers four different trading platforms for the users to choose from, namely Metatrader 4, AvaOptions, AvaTrader, and others. The users can select from a demo account and a real account. The demo account allows the new users to try the platform for a few days for free. It helps the users know how reliable the platform is and then convert to a real account after the trial period. The customer service department of the company is available to the customers during working hours. They can get their queries solved via phone, email or live chat as they deem fit. All questions and issues are resolved within 24 hours. The users can also get help in the language of their choice. They have multilingual executives who can speak many different languages such as Italian, English, Russian, Arabic, German, Dutch, Portuguese and others. Another great benefit that the users enjoy by trading with AvaTrade is their bonuses and promotions. They offer exclusive signup bonuses along with referral bonuses so that the users can enjoy more significant savings.

AvaTrade has managed to build a strong reputation in the industry by being one of the few regulated forex brokers. The company is regulated by regulatory bodies that oversee all of its activities. The platform is highly secured as it uses SSL encryption protection to secure all the information of their clients. Being a reliable trading partner, the company has won multiple awards for its excellent platform and its excellent service.


Why The Oxford Club Is The Best Thing On The Financial Markets Right Now

Alexander Green, Chief Investment Strategist of The Oxford Club, authored an article just a few days ago that touched on the following tidbits of investment advice, things Mr. Green believes every sensible person should follow without fail.

Let’s take a look at them – if you’re smart, you’ll realize that they’re incredulously simple, though integral to success in the world of investing.

Portfolios Must Stay In Balance At All Times

Every investor – even those who aren’t investors – have heard the phrases “buy low, sell high,” at some point in their lives, if not on a regular basis from investor peers.

If your portfolio recently gained a lot from stocks on the upswing, you should consider taking them out of commission, and replacing them with stocks or other financial instruments that aren’t currently worth as much as experts think they are.

This is a great way to be a passive investor, given you hold them until they reach their highest peaks over the next few years.

You Need To Start Saving More

Statistics from the 2017 Retirement Confidence Survey carried out in the United States found that almost one-half of all United States citizens didn’t even have $25,000 in their savings accounts. The same goes for checking accounts, as well.

It makes no sense that American retirees haven’t saved up as much as they should have. Shame on them.

Quit Being An Active Investor

75 percent of active investors fail in relativity to their passive counterparts. Make sure you’re a passive investor to save on transaction costs.

The Oxford Club

This organization was created in 1989, and sends out newsletters to over 150,000 around the entire planet. While investors from over 131 countries pay close attention to its financial gospels, they continue to succeed.

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Siteline Cabinetry Can Help You Create The Kitchen Of Your Dreams

Besides the bedroom, the kitchen is the only area of the home where you usually spend the most amount of time. Every home owner wants to feel comfortable and at home in their kitchen. The process of remodeling your kitchen from start to finish can be a daunting task. Not only can it be a major expense, it can also inconvenience your entire household. If you are thinking about updating your kitchen, cabinetry alone can make a world of difference. The average cost of a kitchen cabinet project varies depending on the quality of materials, size of your kitchen and if you need to change the layout of your room. It is important to find a kitchen remodeling contractor that you can trust. Together you will develop a plan including payment schedules and the actual work. When choosing cabinetry, you want to make sure they are not only beautifully designed, but functional as well.

Siteline Cabinetry gives homeowners the ability to select stylish, modern looking cabinets at affordable prices. They are known for providing cabinets made of high quality construction and innovative designs. They can provide you with cabinets that not only look unique, but can maximize storage while staying within your budget.

Siteline Cabinetry has a variety of different types of cabinets to improve your kitchen, laundry room, office or bathroom. From contemporary to traditional, they can provide options to suit anyone’s style and personality. Siteline Cabinetry takes into account that storage space is a necessity. They can customize your kitchen to include space for storing cell phones, utensils, pans and tablets.

No one wants to live without a working kitchen for a long period of time when remodeling. Siteline Cabinetry is able to shorten their lead time with their made to order cabinets. The cabinets are customized and designed based on your instructions. Many of the options Siteline offers are pre-configured and can be constructed fast and efficiently.

With Siteline Cabinetry, you can expect full-access cabinets in a variety of different door styles. There are numerous finishing options you can choose from including: thermo foil finishes, decorative veneers, polyester wrap finishes, wood stains and thermally fused laminate finishes.

4 Interesting Things You Didn’t Learn Yet About Matthew Autterson

There is much remarkable news you can read today about Mr. Matthew Autterson, but you may not have all the time to read them all. We will help you address that problem by offering you this article that lists four of the many amazing things you probably didn’t know about Matthew Autterson. Ready to start?



  1. He’s spent 25 years in financial services

One of the many things that you probably don’t know about Mr. Matthew Autterson is that a large chunk of his life has been invested in the financial industry. That’s where he got his wealth. That’s where he was made extremely wealthy and useful to many people. It is where he was becoming the best of himself and the best version of his corporate life. The fact that he’s become the president of one of the most ominous and successful financial service providers today is also outstanding, which makes Matthew Autterson one of the trusted finance executives who have experience in state-charted financial firms.



  1. He graduated from Michigan State University.

The fact that Mr. Autterson graduated from Michigan State University with a B.A. degree majoring in Finance is impressive. It’s not that easy to get a degree from a prestigious university like Michigan State, but the fact that Mr. Autterson also attended a Graduate Program for managing taxes at the University of Denver also reassures his place as one of the people who have the solid educational background to do his job right.



  1. He’s the Board member and President of CNS Bioscience

There are many people out there who lead wonderful organizations and groups. Mr. Autterson stands out because he’s not just leading an ordinary group. He’s not just a regular board member and president. The roles he plays are for the CNS Bioscience Inc., a reputable organization that was founded last 2013. This group was founded by Scott Falci, M.D., CNS who also offers clinical-stage research and various development programs for various neuropathic pains.



It must be hard to lead a medical team. The fact that Mr. Matthew is leading a reputable group that offers solutions for neurological pain makes him one of the most promising business leaders in the market today. See This Article to learn more.



  1. He held roles for Resources Trust Company

Many roles have passed in the hands of Mr. Matthew Autterson, but the one that stands out the most is the one he has with Resources Trust Company. When he was part of the organization last 1989, it became clear that Mr. Autterson has the right skills and talents to bring a company to its top and leading shape.



Knockout Options May Resolve Accounting Burdens According to Jeremy Goldstein

Today, the majority of the top companies across the United States have shied away from offering stock options to their employees. The reason for this drastic change amongst corporations generally revolves around a company’s ability to save money, although there is often a multitude of additional causes. There are three major reasons that companies have reduced the opportunity for stock options, including the level of volatility associated with a stock drop, additional accounting issues, and the fact that an economic downturn may completely diminish the value of the option. Employees today also generally prefer an increased salary or bonus as an incentive over garnering stock options. While there are also many benefits for a company, as well as their employees to take advantage of stock options, including the fact that it may drive employee morale, offering an option that includes a knockout clause may be the best solution. What separates a knockout stock option from a more traditional stock option is the fact that the company can create a number that, once the stock price reaches, will cause the options to cancel for the employee. Including this knockout clause can help to significantly decrease the volatile accounting costs normally associated with traditional stock options.


Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC, was founded by Jeremy L. Goldstein after he spent time with Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz as a partner. He attended college at Cornell University, where he received his B.A., and later attended New York University School of Law and Chicago University to further his education. Many of the most lucrative corporate transactions were completed with the help of Jeremy Goldstein, including the partnership between South African Breweries PLC and Miller Brewing Company, as well as United Technologies Corporation’s acquisition of Goodrich. Jeremy Goldstein is also a very active writer and speaker, where he generally focuses on his expertise; executive compensation and corporate governance. He was recently named one of the best compensation lawyers in the United States by Chambers US Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers for Business and also in the Legal 500. Jeremy Goldstein also works with the NYU Journal of Law and Business, where he is a member of the Professional Advisory Board, and is also active regarding charity, as he is a member of the New Leadership Council of Make-A-Wish Foundation.


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The Success of Greg Aziz As The CEO Of National Steel Car

James Aziz currently works at National Steel Car as the board chairman and CEO. Headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario, the freight car manufacturer features as one of the leading engineering firm in the freight car industry. It has been in the railcar industry for the past 100 years. Over time, National Steel Car has built itself a reputation as the producer of quality rail cars. It also ranks as one of the top designers of freight cars in North America. Since its inception in 1912, the railroad car manufacturer has strived to meet the evolving standards in the railroad industry by designing and manufacturing freight cars that meet clients’ needs.


The cornerstone of National Steel Car is its experienced team of engineers. They are immensely proud of their combined efforts. Today, the firm has become more innovative, dynamic, and diverse than ever before. The team at National Steel Car challenges itself constantly. It strives to raise its bar. For years, the freight car company focuses its strengths in the rail industry with unmatched efficiency. Engineers at National Steel Car remain true to their core value. For this, they have earned customers’ trust for building high quality freight cars and delivering them on time. In fact, it is the only ISO 9001:2008 certified railroad car producer in North America. For decades in a row, National Steel Car has been awarded with the TTX SECO award.


The freight car manufacturer doesn’t settle on its past success. Instead, it commits to its continued attention to customers. As a result, it has retained dominance in the railcar industry in North America. It attributes its success to the loyalty of its customers. The integrity and outstanding commitment of its engineers who commit to quality have also contributed to its success. Greg James Aziz says that National Steel Car will continue its legacy of producing quality freight cars. Visit This Page for additional information.



James Aziz attributes the success of National Steel Car to stakeholders’ continued efforts and commitment to quality. At National Steel Car, James Aziz focuses on taking the company to greater heights. He previously worked at his family business before acquiring a freight car manufacturing company. His relentless efforts at the University of Western Ontario earned him immense knowledge and experience that he uses to drive his ventures. Under his leadership, National Steel Car has maintained its top position in North America’s railcar industry. James Aziz ensures that the company doesn’t disappoint its customers by meeting deadlines.