Louis Chenevert- The Great Former CEO of UTC

In the eight years that Louis Chenevert was the chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corporation, he laid a foundation that has set the stage for the corporation to become the best corporation in the aerospace industry in the entire world. The corporation has continued to enjoy great success even after he left the corporation. The strategies and measures that he implemented during his tenure have continued to steer the corporation in a direction of excellence. It has overtaken other corporations in the world, and it is today the biggest manufacturer and supplier of helicopters and jet engines in the world.

Louis Chenevert was appointed the CEO of UTC in 2006. His role in the corporation was to oversee growth in the corporation. He was tasked to be the overall leader and would see to it that the corporation became the best in the globe. Louis Chenevert came with the same vision. He would do his best to see that the corporation became the global leader in the aerospace. Louis Chenevert is a Canadian-French. He studied project management degree in HEC Montreal. In 2011, he was honored honorary degree by his former institution HEC Montreal, for his contribution to the aerospace industry. In the same year, he was named the person of the year a U.S aerospace magazine for his ability to transform the operations UTC in an economically challenging environment.

Louis Chenevert had deep knowledge and experience of running such a huge corporation following his earlier responsibilities at General Motors, where he was the general manager. He had also acquired experience working for Pratt &Whitney a subsidiary of the UTC. Louis Chenevert will be remembered for being a CEO who valued human resource of the institution greatly. He put measures that saw more employees of the corporation enjoy the benefit of furthering their education that was provided by the corporation. UTC has sponsored over 40,000 of its workers to pursue further education. It has, in addition, spent more than $1 billion in the U.S only to improve the welfare of their workers. Louis Chenevert is of the belief that humans come before technology. For technology to work, the workers must first be conversant with the technology.

Waiakea Water Introduces a Completely Degradable Water Bottle

A Startup Bottled Water Company

Waiakea water has already made a name for itself as a bottled water startup competing against giants. This is something you just don’t see in the world of bottled water. Most bottled water companies are created by corporations with millions to spend on branding and with access to large facilities. Ryan Emmons, the founder of Waiakea, managed to do so without access to the vast majority of the resources so many others had. Now, he further extends his marketing reach with this new and improved product.

The Revolutionary Idea
The idea of a degradable water bottle is what makes this idea from Waiakea one of the better things to come out recently. There are few people who wouldn’t have a reason to use one. People do not want to see their trash produce pollution or other undesirable issues. Instead, this gives them a way to prevent any of that from happening. The Waiakea water bottle completely degrades over time no matter what. That makes this one of the most desirable models for any sort of business you can find out there.
The Appeal Of Volcanic Water

The success of Waiakea comes from the unique appeal of the volcanic water  used by the brand. People enjoy the smooth silky texture alongside the nutrient rich water. This has made Waiakea the choice for many consumers simply because the brand offers a level of nutrients not often seen by many bottled water consumers. That kind of thinking is why Ryan Emmons was able to become such a smashing success at such an early age in his life. Few men in their early 20s manage to go as far as he did or with such tenacity.
The Direction this is Headed
If this idea takes off it’s going to change the way that we think about the bottled water industry. Plastic bottles are one of the biggest sources of pollution out there. Ryan Emmons is trying to do everything he can to solve the problem and this is only one piece of the effort.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel Strives to Provide Better Solutions for Sleep Disorders

Sleep apnea is a disorder that affects a large number of the world’s population. Not only does this disorder cause disruptions in a person’s sleep, but it has also been linked to several health conditions. To help create better solutions for the individuals who suffer from this disorder, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has established an organization known as Dental Sleep Masters. This organization allows people in the medical field to access the latest information pertaining to the causes, effects and treatments available for sleep disorders. As one of the leading disorders in this field, sleep apnea is the disruption of sleep due to an individual’s inability to breath. There are a number of factors that could lead to this condition, which Dr. Weisfogel addresses in the lectures he gives.

As a practicing dentist with more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has seen first hand the causes that contribute to sleep apnea. He first began his exploration into the area of sleep disorders through a program he called Healthy Heart Sleep. The primary focus of this program was to educate medical professionals around the world about the processes involved with sleep disorders. This information included how to establish and manage sleep labs. It was with the success of his Healthy Heart Sleep program that propelled Dr. Weisfogel to start a lecture circuit under the heading of Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient.

Dr. Weisfogel is passionate about the work he does in the field of sleep disorders. He firmly believes through the study and research conducted into this field, more successful treatments could be brought about. The lectures he provides focus on the aspect of better serving the patient’s needs. With the establishment of Dental Sleep Masters he was able to create a breakthrough in sleep apnea treatment through the use of oral appliances. He prides himself on adhering to a strict schedule every morning, which includes an hour of prayer. He also believes in surrounding himself with a team of professionals to help bring about the type of positive results he wants to see in the field of sleep disorders.

Basis – Elysium Health’s New Supplement

Elysium is a supplement producing company. The company was founded in 2014 by Leonard Guarente, the director of Glenn laboratory that focuses on aging research at MIT, biologist Dan Alminana, and Eric Marcotulli. The company majorly deals in researching for long term health products. It has solely worked and researched, to fix the aging problem.

In 2015, the company started selling a dietary supplement called Basis. The pill is taken once daily, and it is comprised of two supplements called Pterostilbene, a polyphenol found in blueberries and Nicotinamide riboside, a form of vitamin B found in foods that contain traces of yeast and cheese. The two are combined to make one pill.

The two components help the cells to make Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) which is involved in metabolism and is also known to diminish with age. NAD stimulates sirtuins (a type of protein) and supports health at a cellular level. The pill helps to increase NAD+ levels in the blood safely and sustainably. NAD+ declines as we age compromising the system it supports. Research has indicated that Basis is effective in restoring NAD+ levels by 40% in adults.

The company came up with an idea of turning chemicals that increase the lifespan of mice and worms into a vitamin pill that people will use to curb aging. Leonard Guarente, an MIT biologist, believes that the aging process can be reduced by regulating the body’s metabolism. The company’s mission is to produce supplements that are of good quality and make its product available on their website.

Elysium Health is working towards taking the latest discoveries from health and aging research and transform them into great products that consumers can benefit from them. The company has 5 Nobel peace prize winners that have been part of the research team in different ways and departments including Jack Szostak, Thomas Sudhof, Erik Kandel, and Martin Karplus. The organization emphasizes that their products are tested for safety and efficiency. The company focuses on supplements which can be prepared by using traditional ingredients from the daily multivitamins to other ingredients found in health food stores because they are not restricted like the other pharmaceutical drugs.

Basis subscription costs about $50 per month, but you can also buy for a half or a full year at &45. Elysium has been able to retain a third of its customers who have been with them since its launch in 2015. Elysium has been testing and researching on five more products and has plans to investigate on others that are focused on improving the overall health wellness. Though Elysium declined to declare its investors, the company managed to raise $26.8 million from investors in December 2016.

Elysium mission is to help people live a healthier and longer life. The company has worked directly with the leading scientist and clinicians, and this will cause an advance in science and technology.

Logan Stout Tries To Help With Health Issues

A healthy life can sometimes be a difficult thing for people to attain. Many people just don’t have the time to do it and others don’t know where they need to start to ensure that they are able to make the most out of the situations that they are in. Logan Stout is someone who has always had time for health and he has made sure that he can do what is necessary to give people different options.

For Logan Stout to run the company, he has to consistently make sure that he is helping people and that they are getting the healthiest choices available. When he first started IDLife, he knew that he would be using it to help others. He also knew that his commitment to a healthy lifestyle would reverberate into his business and would give him a chance to try different things when he was doing more with the company.

While IDLife continued to grow, Logan Stout knew that people were getting the help that they needed to enjoy their healthy lifestyles. From workout guides to supplements and even healthy eating ideas, IDLife provided people with the help that they needed to be able to live comfortably and have more opportunities in their own lives. Since Logan Stout started the company and since he knew what he was doing with the company, he also knew that he could try different things. For Logan Stout to continue working in different areas, he had to be sure that he was showing people the right way to try things.

IDLife continues to be successful and continues to show people what they can do to big improvements in quality of life. Logan Stout is behind all of this and knows that health is so important for people that they have to do everything that they can to enjoy their lives. Since then, the company has grown, the marketers who work with the company are able to make more money and they are growing the things that they can do so that they can take full advantage all of the opportunities in their lives.

Find more about Logan Stout: https://www.ceocfointerviews.com/interviews/LoganStout-IDLife17.htm

A Review Of Madison Street Capital’s Accomplishments

Over the years, Madison Street Capital has been offering world-class professional financial advice to businesses and individuals. The Chicago-based company enables organizations to access credit, navigate complex transactions, and make smart investment decisions. Additionally, Madison Street Capital offers company with valuation services and advisory on mergers and acquisition.


In early 2014, the company announced that it had offered advisory services to Vital Care Industries, an Illinois- based company. It facilitated the manufacturer of medical product to choose a suitable lender and secure a commercial loan. Vital Care’s CEO noted that he was exceptionally pleased with the company’s services. His firm has offered sterile medical products since 1984.


In 2015, Anthony Marsala, the co-founder of Madison Street Capital was selected by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts for a 40 Under Forty award. The program recognizes business leaders that are relatively young that have had remarkable accomplishments in valuations, mergers and provision of different financial services. Marsala is the chief operating officer of Madison Street Capital. He holds a master’s degree. He has rendered his services in the industry for over 14 years.


Madison Street Capital was announced as an M&A Advisor Awards finalist by finance professionals during the summer of 2016. Firms receive the revered commendations when they develop innovative financing, acquisition, and restructuring deals. Professionals nominated Madison Street Capital as the premier boutique investment banking company. Additionally, they selected the firm as a finalist for facilitating the best industrial merger, which was valued at under $100 million.


In January 2017, Madison Street Capital was named the winner of a Turnaround Award. This is after the company engaged in the finest restructuring transaction of 2016 with a value of less than $25 million. Madison Street Capital had to compete with over 300 companies to qualify for the annual award. Moreover, the firm received high praise from The M&A Advisor’s president. The management of the firm received the prize in March at a Palm Beach hotel.


The above accomplishments have played a pivotal role in enhancing Madison Street Capital reputation. Madison Street Capital continues its tradition of offering corporations with exceptional solutions. Since the start of 2017, firms like DCG Software have benefited from its advisory services. The company has also served as ARES Security Corporation’s sole advisor in an investment transaction. In addition, Madison Street Capital arranged Maintenance Systems Management’s financing.


About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a privately held firm that has been in operation for more than 12 years. The company has extensive experience in the financial industry where it offers innovative services like mergers & acquisitions, and valuations. Madison Street Capital engages in philanthropic efforts through collaborations with different organizations such as the United Way. The entity donated funds to the Midwestern and Eastern states following several disasters in 2011.


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Richard Mishaan Design Firm

The Richard Mishaan Design firm is a real representation of style, fashion and aesthetic. Richard Mishan, who is an expert in architecture, interior design, and fashion, owns the company. Richard received inspiration from his love for interior design and color. He has therefore been able to lead Richard Mishaan Design to provide quality, luxury, and style to its clients. Richard is said to be the best interior designer in New York.

The Richard Mishaan Design firm uses bright color and luxurious themes to decorate homes and other premises. The company has successfully worked on various projects, including commercial and residential units. Some of these projects include the Upper West Side Townhouse in New York, The Hampton Summer house as well as the 93rd street sales center.


The Hampton Summer home is my favorite of his projects. The interior décor in Hampton does not only represent style and comfort but is also a cozy and luxurious feel. The Hampton vacation has artfully modern furniture and architecture that is specifically designed by the Richard Mishaan Design team to ensure that the Home looks and feels modern. It also has a vintage measuring stick that leans against shelves that are arranged aesthetically to create perfect décor.


Despite his love for interior design, Richard Mishaan is also an author. He has authored two books, Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury. His books are in the line of architecture, interior design and landscape architecture. The books are a real representation of blend iconic furniture, punchy patterns, and powerhouse art. The furniture shop at Richard Mishaan design has uniquely made items that are affordable and stylish. He has also invested in the Homer Design which is in charge of the sale of case goods, tables, lighting, accessories as well as seating meant for enhancement of décor in various housing units. Mishan believes in the use of color and art to enhance the beauty and quality of our living units.