Richard Mishaan Design Firm

The Richard Mishaan Design firm is a real representation of style, fashion and aesthetic. Richard Mishan, who is an expert in architecture, interior design, and fashion, owns the company. Richard received inspiration from his love for interior design and color. He has therefore been able to lead Richard Mishaan Design to provide quality, luxury, and style to its clients. Richard is said to be the best interior designer in New York.

The Richard Mishaan Design firm uses bright color and luxurious themes to decorate homes and other premises. The company has successfully worked on various projects, including commercial and residential units. Some of these projects include the Upper West Side Townhouse in New York, The Hampton Summer house as well as the 93rd street sales center.


The Hampton Summer home is my favorite of his projects. The interior décor in Hampton does not only represent style and comfort but is also a cozy and luxurious feel. The Hampton vacation has artfully modern furniture and architecture that is specifically designed by the Richard Mishaan Design team to ensure that the Home looks and feels modern. It also has a vintage measuring stick that leans against shelves that are arranged aesthetically to create perfect décor.


Despite his love for interior design, Richard Mishaan is also an author. He has authored two books, Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury. His books are in the line of architecture, interior design and landscape architecture. The books are a real representation of blend iconic furniture, punchy patterns, and powerhouse art. The furniture shop at Richard Mishaan design has uniquely made items that are affordable and stylish. He has also invested in the Homer Design which is in charge of the sale of case goods, tables, lighting, accessories as well as seating meant for enhancement of décor in various housing units. Mishan believes in the use of color and art to enhance the beauty and quality of our living units.