Waiakea Water Introduces a Completely Degradable Water Bottle

A Startup Bottled Water Company

Waiakea water has already made a name for itself as a bottled water startup competing against giants. This is something you just don’t see in the world of bottled water. Most bottled water companies are created by corporations with millions to spend on branding and with access to large facilities. Ryan Emmons, the founder of Waiakea, managed to do so without access to the vast majority of the resources so many others had. Now, he further extends his marketing reach with this new and improved product.

The Revolutionary Idea
The idea of a degradable water bottle is what makes this idea from Waiakea one of the better things to come out recently. There are few people who wouldn’t have a reason to use one. People do not want to see their trash produce pollution or other undesirable issues. Instead, this gives them a way to prevent any of that from happening. The Waiakea water bottle completely degrades over time no matter what. That makes this one of the most desirable models for any sort of business you can find out there.
The Appeal Of Volcanic Water

The success of Waiakea comes from the unique appeal of the volcanic water  used by the brand. People enjoy the smooth silky texture alongside the nutrient rich water. This has made Waiakea the choice for many consumers simply because the brand offers a level of nutrients not often seen by many bottled water consumers. That kind of thinking is why Ryan Emmons was able to become such a smashing success at such an early age in his life. Few men in their early 20s manage to go as far as he did or with such tenacity.
The Direction this is Headed
If this idea takes off it’s going to change the way that we think about the bottled water industry. Plastic bottles are one of the biggest sources of pollution out there. Ryan Emmons is trying to do everything he can to solve the problem and this is only one piece of the effort.