Joel Friant Shakes Up The Habanero Pepper Scene

Joel Friant is a self-made man who has partaken in many ventures and found success everywhere he’s gone. He started in real estate but quickly moved into the restaurant business where he hit his stride in Thai Food. Calling himself “The Thai Guy,” Friant first started his Habanero Shaker project while working with food.

After being introduced to the flavorful pepper when he was in high school, Friant got the idea to use the pepper in a shaker. As Friant soon found out, while there were shakers that had habanero in them, none of these shakers were exclusively habanero. Instead, the habanero flakes were mixed in with salt or other, lesser spices. These mix-ins obscured the unique flavor of the habanero and, Friant felt, didn’t do the pepper justice. The solution was simple: Friant decided to design his own habanero shaker that would spotlight his favorite pepper. Dubbed “The Habanero Shaker” he started selling the product to other pepper lovers.

From there, Friant moved on to a few other ventures, most notably house flipping and mortgage lending. Once the financial crisis of 2008 and the Great Recession hit, Friant moved on from the realtor-ing business. He focused on trying to figure out why certain people fail when they attempt business endeavors and why others achieved. Drawing from his own experiences both good and bad, he came up with the concept called “The Income Thermostat” to explain. His concept has become widely known, and he frequently does talks about it.

Taking what he had learned over the years, Friant decided to continue with the Habanero Shaker on a new front: online selling. By putting his mind to success and taking classes on how to become a successful online salesperson, Friant managed to sell his Habanero Shaker on both Amazon and eBay, as well as other products.